504th PIR Realism Unit - Joining Requirements

Joining the 504th PIR Realism Unit is incredibly simple!

First, you do not have to be a full member in order to join our missions (unless it is a jump mission). If you'd like to play with us on any given night, simply header over to our forums and fill out an application. This isn't an application to the Unit, just an application to play with us! Once you have this filed you are free to play with us on any given night, so long as you meet the following requirements:

If you meet the above, congratulations! You are more than welcome to play with us... unless you've been removed or banned previously. However simply having an application doesn't make you a full member, and does provide some restrictions:

Becoming a full member allows you some perks, and is simple to do! To become a full member you only have to fulfill the following:

Becoming a full member will allow you to fulfill any role you desire, provides opporunity for advancement in position and rank, gets you a place on our Squad XML, officially places you within a squad, and entitles you to our awards and decorations. As time goes on we may increase or decrease the difference between members and non-members, but we'll be sure to keep you up to date!

Even if you want to become a full-time member, but aren't sure if you can dedicate to the attendance requirements, you can still join and have access to all the perks! We have a Reserve component that allows you to be a full member, but not officially assigned to a section and ignores attendance requirements. Unfortunately as a Reservist you won't accrue time credit for Time in Service or Time in Grade, which counts for promotions or awards, but you're still a Paratrooper of the 504th PIR Realism Unit, and that's special in and of itself!

If you have any questions about joining head on over to our forums or hop on Teamspeak or Discord and talk to someone. If they don't know they'll point you in the right direction!

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