504th PIR Realism Unit - About Us

First, and foremost, we are NOT the real 504th Infantry Regiment. We are a gaming group with a high amount of respect for the men and women who have served in the US Army and the 504th Infantry Regiment. We get together to play under the moniker of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment Realism Unit in honor of those who serve, to have fun, and to better ourselves amongst others.

We primarily play within the game of Arma 3, which can be found at https://arma3.com but we will very often dive into other games, especially those based within World War II.

We strive to create a fun environment where anyone can come to game with us and have fun, but we also are creating an environment in which people can learn to better themselves. We have built ourselves around the principles of:

Camraderie: We look to foster an envrionment of friendliness and understanding. Though not everyone gets along, we are all - together - a single unit and strive to conduct ourselves as a brotherhood.

Teamwork: Together we can achieve any goal, and we must learn to work together as a team in all that we do.

Leadership: Stepping up and providing guidance and leading others - not by command orders, but by example and action.

Ethics: We must always conduct ourselves with honor and integrity, being true and truthful to ourselves and others. Without ethics there can be no trust, and without trust everything falls apart.

We do this because we not only want to have fun, but we believe that games can give us so much more. The 504th PIR Realism Unit was founded by the former commanding officer, and other members, of the 15th MEU Realism Unit from Arma 3. Through this we have learned the power gaming with a close-knit group has, and we have decided to turn that power to positivity and action. This Unit isn't about power, or control, or re-enactment. It's about having fun, learning something about yourself, bettering yourself and helping others.

But make no mistake... bullets will fly. A lot of them.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, feel free to register and join us! Once you're here, though, remember what this place is about. We will not hesitate to remove anyone undermining the mission of this Unit or ruining the experience of its members.

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